Liz and Stormy celebrate another HIT award

Liz Pederson

Liz has been teaching dog training classes since 1988. For three years she also worked as one of the trainers at a local boarding kennel. This gives her vast experience in training different breeds and dealing with various behavior problems. Since the beginning of her professional career, Liz has been an active competitor. She has put numerous titles on seven dogs including: CD, CDX, UD, UDX, OTCH (Obedience Trial Championship), NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX and AXJ. During their long partnership, Liz and her dog Stormy earned a perfect score of 200 points, a most impressive feat!

Having experience training many breeds and temperaments, Liz's strength lies in "reading" dogs. There is no single training method which Liz and Scooter completing his UDwill work for every dog. Liz strives to find the method which will bring success for each individual dog and handler. "It's like solving a puzzle," she says. Accordingly, her students have achieved high scores, placements, High In Trial honors, and national rankings. These teams include dogs from every breed group.

Liz feels that dog training class should be an enjoyable, positive experience. In Basic Obedience, owners come to understand how their dogs think and learn, while their dogs' behavior improves. Competitive Obedience highlights the dog-handler relationship and teamwork. Accuracy is important, but Liz believes attitude is primary. She wants her students to have a great time with their dogs. "Every student sets their own goals for their dogs and themselves. Some students in the Formal classes simply want to increase the closeness of their bond with their dog and have no desire to compete. Some students simply want to earn titles. Some want to win. My job is to help all of them meet their goals."

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